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Since I've become a Virgina gal I've learned a few things....running down mountains is great fun, Bar -B-Que's smell yummy, and alot of my new friends have the last name "hound". Most importantly life is grand if you are a Vizsla with a blog. Read and smile.


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Friday, December 11, 2009


Happy Holidays all!
(click on the photo to enlarge)

It's been a while since my last post, and I apologize. I've been quite the busy Vizsla!
We went to Nationals recently and WOW!
Hit the ol' obedience ring, Novice, added another AKC title, and took A FIRST!

Showed off in the Halloween contest.
(So as to not get confused - I'm the Chicken -Cluck)

Razzled and dazzled into the inner realms of the elite by being charming throughout, o.k. I might be getting carried away now.

When it comes to charming though, well all us Vizsla's do that ..mom says it's in our "genes". She's usually complaining about her "jeans" but I reckon it's cuz she's only a Vizsla by association.

Actually, my alpha chick spoke/presented about genetics and temperament while we were there and it was awesome how many caring Vizsla breeders we met. I sure hope all Vizsla folk can continue to support having and caring for the Vizsla breeds' "super pups".

AND, one of my most enjoyable activites?

I met loads of amazing good looking fella's and literally swooned, hey I'm a southern belle Vizsla ya'll, even the names inspired lil sweet tea me to bat my eyelashes and curtsey.....OCTANE, RENAISSANCE, RUSSETT LEATHER.... whew, so many fella's, so few "off -lead" moments - sigh

Well, enjoy the photo's two leggeds and tail waggers, and many joys, off lead moments, toy chasin' and ruff-housin' days during these holidays and the New Year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Call me MZ. VIZSLA !

Happy Birthday to me....

Yep! I'm now a year old, and looking back on puppyhood, I realize those early days were overflowing with promise but somewhat lacking in the social graces. I’d thought food bowls were weird toys. I had a non chalant attitude toward bodily functions.
I was certain furniture was just placed to be in my way.

In other words, I lacked polish, sophistication, etiquette.

However, I won’t dwell on my puppyish stupidity, except to say that the maturity process has been a bit painful. Yes, emotionally trying, mentally exhausting and physically challenging.
Fortunately, I was gifted, even then, with amazing powers of observation.

There are those in this world who observe and watch things go by, but really learn nothing.... O.k. I'm thinking Beagles here. But I do more than watch. I watch closely.
I become one with my environment. I "take in".

To start with, I paid particular attention to my brothers. One a Portuguese water - eat - fetch something kinda dog, an overachiever of the highest caliber. Yep. MR. PERFECT. Sheeesh. Chuck, a Beagle, more rug than dog, and exactly why I made the expert comment about the world going by. Last, Dillon, a Disney dog, or Budweiser dog, depending on his moods, all I know is most times a bi polar Dalmation who has been said by other dog pals with astute judgment to have fallen off one to many firetrucks. This group, I assumed, had spent several years learning the ropes, and by using them as role models in matters of routine and positive etiquette, I would pick up proper canine social graces & skills in no time, impress the ol' alpha human chic, and go to my natural place at the top of the pack.

Well my learning curve was a journey of epic proportions!

The rules make no sense. And I polled numerous cats, guinea pigs, horses, cows, ladybugs, and fellow dogs. It is permitted to bark at dogs who come in our yard, or weird men who carry black books & start conversations with "are you saved", or men who want to sell vacuum cleaners. It is not o.k., even a lil' bit, to bark at the t.v. sounds, the birds at 5 a.m., or at your alpa owner's spouse when he wants to kiss her. Growling and dental displays do not bring out the best in the humans at my home, nor do fighting, and killing pillows, beds, playing keep away with visitors’ shoes, and tackling the mailman. It is considered very poor etiquette to pass gas, and I must add this is where Chuck the Beagle excels.

I learned quickly from the overachiever Portuguese pooch in the house that pleasing the alpha mom/chic was the only way to go. HE is a wiz at it. He does all kinds of suck up things then when he gets in trouble it's never really tooo awful.

Amazingly I studied and learned that humans really dig sucky up behavior. Some of the best, and this where that pyscho Dalmatian is a master, worshipful gazing, tail wag greetings,small kisses on hands or side of face. Yuck.

AND WHOOOOA retrieving a toy or, GLORY BE, a slipper, is met with all kinds of praise and salutations. I must admit I did get a bit confused on this one, as my first gift was a cell phone cover that I brought to my alpha chic in the human bathroom and it dropped in the "never ending water bowl". My second was a dead mole that I was sure she would love. Not so much. I was met with weird facial expressions on each occasion and have progressed to many more complicated items like socks, books, the neighbors bar bque tools, small turtles, etc.
Surprisingly, she gives these odd facial expressions and words that have a great deal of consonants with each, which leads me to the conclusion it's not the gift it's the thought that counts.

Knowing how my alpha chic was highly enteratined by my gifts, I tried to retrieve squirrels and small live animals, especially after watching "fat boy", AKA Chuck the Beagle, chase numerous hairy beasts, and lo and behold watch as he runs out of steam. I was sure he just lacked endurance, hutz-pah, drive. I discovered I was way off the mark on that. Seems that ol' Chucky boy learned, and DID NOT share with me, that a small chase is ok as long as you do not catch it, or chase it to the point where you come to a stop in another Humans' territory, they call this a "yard".

Yep I learned the hard way. There I am lying in the tall grass, a true predator, granddaughter of saber tooth wolves, scoping out my kingdom and what do my sharp eyes see ? A Chipmunk.
This was a HUGE chipmunk my friends.
It had fangs, long claws, and stared right at me growling in chipmunk language " s-i-s-s-y D-o-g". I was certain of it.

Well, something deep down took over. The DNA of millions of years came to the fore. A wild and primal desire to rip that chipmunk apart rose up. I slowly rose from my crouch. Step by soft step I got closer, hunched over just enough to blend with my jungle environment. Then IT happened. That same deep genetic need that inspired me seconds before took over and this time I found myself frozen, tail out, leg up. I was pointing the dam lil rodent. YES just looking down my nose at him!

And what do you think happens ? Out of the side of my eyes comes charging the overachiever Portuguese, the pscho Dalmatian, and fat boy farts-alot Chuck! Off goes the Chipmunk - and Off I go. All of us, well except Chuck, who stopped to catch his breathe, chased that lil stinker into the ground. He was SCARED. Most importantly I and my family bonded. I was grown up.
I had proved myself in a real show down.
We all sniffed each other and grumbled a bit afterwards - uh , that's a high five in dog language.

We also got major screamed at. You'd think Alpha chic would be thrilled the dog family is keeping killer animals from her door. Not so. Lotsa yelling, waving arms, all of us, except Chuck - cuz he was succcchhh a goooood dog - sheesh, had to do long down stays.

These are the kinds of experiences that one grows from.
That leads one into adulthood.
That demonstrate maturity. I'm there now.
I'm a one year old.

A doer, a lover, a predator, a pack member, a friend, and a VIZSLA. I Am Agnes.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Whew, well friends, with two legs and four, I've been so bow wowing busy!
Not just playing but actually doing something called “work”. Actually I've added some new words to my doggy dictionary in the last few months...”Title” “Rally” “Therapy” and “Dog Show”. I've included the definitions of these odd terms humans use for my fellow tail wagging readers.

Still a bit confused by most of these but, well ya know us four footers we are an accepting lot.


noun, adjective, verb, -tled, -tling.
1.the distinguishing name of a book, poem, picture, piece of music, or the like.

**I've now earned one, an RN, also called a Rally Novice. My mom says I did real well, and I got to wear some pretty ribbons, got my mom all giggly silly over some great scores, and got sloppy kisses from many many two footers about being a mere 10 months old. Sheeeesh according to the definition all I can figure is I'm a book, poem or piece of music. I'm thinking the last – Pretty certain I'm in the HIP HOP genre!

v. ral·lied, ral·ly·ing, ral·lies
1. To call together for a common purpose; assemble:

**Yepp, this is what I did. A “Rally” thing. There was a group of four footers and two footers so that meets the definition. I'm pretty sure our common purpose was to spin in circles and try to stay with our two footed owners in a little square they call a ring – Humans ! A square called a ring ??? Stooopid!
I was pretty good cuz I follow her just like that when she sips too much wine.

dog show
1. - a competitive exhibition of dogs
show- the act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining; "a remarkable show of skill"

Well my tail wagging pals THIS is what they call where four footers Rally, Title and a whole lot of other fancy words. There is actually a place where we run in a circle, and back and forth, and our owners actually force us to eat treats! Not Kidding! They call it “the breed ring” and it's a confusing crazy place. I run, I stand, my mom kneels next to me, messes with my feet, my tail, my collar – everything. Then I run again. Weird Uh ? But it is “publicaly entertaining” humans clap & dogs bark. Of course the rally and other “can ya sit, down, come, do obedience junk?” square rings is obviously the “remarkable show of skill” stuff. Mom says I did that. I say gimme a bird, or tennis balls from heaven and I'll showwww ya real skill!

1. - the act of caring for someone. The word "therapy" comes from the Greek "therapeia" meaning "a service, an attendance" which, in turn, is related to the Greek verb "therapeuo" meaning "I wait upon." Therapy was (and is) a service done to the sick.

I love this word. I always thought mom was saying “ They're a pea”. Bow WOW do I feel silly. As for caring, being in attendance, and service it's what I do all the time – I mean come on all, I'm a four footer, and us four footers are here to save the world, one heart at a time!
FYI, mom did let me know that I became certified as the first Vizsla Pervasive Developmental Disorders Assistant Dog, the youngest dog to do so. I'm pretty sure this is because RALLYing with tail wags at DOG SHOWS for TITLES is the best kinda THERAPY. (Whew hope I got the two footer vocabulary right!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Therapy, Temperament and the joy of Reading!!!

Well two legged and four legged pals WE did it, and wayyyyy before we planned. We accomplished our Temperament testing, our Therapy dog title and a couple weeks ago completed our "Ready to Read" (literacy assistance dog certification). We are the YOUNGEST DOG and ONLY VIZSLA team to be certified with the (National) READY to READ program!

The reading program was by far the toughest, as there are many different age groups to work with and just when you think lil' ones can't possibly come up with one more idea to "torture" a pooch with - YEP, they do! Tying Ag's feet together with a leash, dozens of scarfs around her neck, dress up with any clothes available, playing with her teeth, trying to catch her tail, painting her toenails with colored markers, etc. Not to note the long down stay while one reads, the kids wanting to "walk" the dog, making certain the dog does not jump on the youngsters, and that the dog is truly a great reinforcement in the fact it gives affection, and attention, at all the right times. Wheww!

To earn this certification we first had to earn a temperament test and therapy title, followed by a minimum of three hours working with youth in a variety of age groups including preschool, all this under the watchful gaze of educators and/or social service counselors. Test day required counselors, educators AND a canine evaluator - - I was just a bit unnerved, yeah I know I've been testing in everything for decades under all kinds a folks and this unnerves me, but dang ya'll it was AGNES, my Vizsla, my lil gal of the sometime point a bug, run laps, grab dirt, fart and chase her tail, rub her body along the grass, and be a wild woman fame. But she did it, and with stars!

***I've included pictures from her reading program success**We are now working with private counselors toward completion of our Autism Assistance program**

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

In the spirit of ALL the Red Carpet, Golden Globes, Oscars, and Academy Award presentations currently going on, Agnes, with her usual “joi de vive’” (zest for life) jumped right into the celebrity ideology.
Unlike her selection of my lovely artificial roses for her glamorous photo by the paparazzi, I did have to assist her with her acceptance speech.
Acceptance speech for what you ask ? Well, with Agnes she “accepts” everything. So I reckon it’s for “being Agnes”.

Grrrrr, rufffff (Agnes clearing her throat) …

I’d like to first thank all of my fans, four legged and two legged alike, real or stuffed, furred or feathered, squeaky or unsqueaky, chewed up or new.

Thank you to mom and dad! I wouldn’t be here, or there, or over there, or under here, or anything without you. You are the best!

I’d like to thank my breeders, not sure what those are but human mom says “HAVE TO” cuz I'm here with her. So Thanks for making human mom happy, uh most days.

I’d like to thank big time the cats in our house. Without them I’d have to chase the other dogs and they are not nearly as much fun. Not to mention they have no clue how to leap on counters in a single bound like the cats.
Visual effects - stunning!

I’d like to thank my “gang” of friends, especially the ones my human mom says I can not play with, Skyler, Duke, I soooo love the alpha thing. The casual attitude. The yeah, I hear ya way ya’ll have. I tried it. It didn’t go over well. Enough said. Moving on …

I’d like to thank those that hike with my human mom. It is the only time she doesn’t watch me get the yummy treats that lay all over the ground, or roll in the lovely stink I find, or chase bees, or chew sticks. Thanks so much for keeping her busy ya’ll!

I’d like to thank my brother Otter for not hurting me in the water yesterday, or at the park most days, or when I grab his beard, or chase his ball, or …well thanks bro!

Huge thanks to my Beagle brother Chuck for being too, wellll , slow…uh “special” to pay attention to me getting his toys and rawhides. Chuck you ROCK!

Finally I’d like to thank all the lil dogs out there. The ones that so strive to be a Vizsla. To have the flash and dash, the amazing wagging tail, the fluidity of movement, the twinkle in the eye that speaks volumes on intelligence, the excellent breeding, structure, attitude……well ya’ll get the idea….so in conclusion Thank you all for contributing to my being Vizslaicious.


~ ~~ V -I -Z -S -L -A -I -C -I -O -U -S ~~~

Friday, January 23, 2009


Point"ing\, n. 1. The act of sharpening.
2. The act of designating, as a position or direction, by means of something pointed, as a finger or a rod.
3. The act or art of punctuating; punctuation.

Yes, I actually looked this term up as Agnes has decided this should be an Olympic Sport. Not just any Olympic sport mind you but one that has numerous feats of agility, awareness and of course stealth.

My dear sweet princess is "pointing" everything. Hmmm, I do believe it may be that I took her Auntie Sharon's words of advice... "Praise her when she points the cat", " Praise her when she holds the point and it will get longer and longer" to heart and praised with passion.
O.K. truth be told I would trap the cat in the same room with her and let her "practice".
Now I have a point for anything that moves slightly. The spider coming down on a barely there web ? Not a chance - POW - Agnes is pointing. A cricket in the basement ? Doesn't stand a chance! That gals on point and waiting for a rifle to take that bug down!
AND size not an issue... heaven help the turkeys that think they can hide in a bush or fly to a tree, Olympian Agnes has 'em in her sights. Check out the photo's of her first "wild bird" point. A turkey hen that thought it could out wit her. Yep, an Olympic Sport.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Seuss & Morning Musings...

If Dr. Seuss wrote for Agnes
& her handler (me)
(if we could actually converse that is)


ME: Agnes, Agnes, time to train.
Lots a fun, now don't complain...

AGNES: Train? OH train! I'd rather run!
Run and run until I'M DONE.

ME: Stop your running now I say.
You halt right now...or Stop... or Stay…

AGNES: A stay? a halt? Is that a term ?
A command? A request ? Or just a word ?

ME: Obedience? A Vizsla? A talent for sure!
Sits will not happen, the tails in a whir!
A simple recall? Yes come right now!
Agnes! Again, I'll show you how!

Please Vizsla gal give learning a try?

AGNES: Sorry dear owner, one minute....
ZOOOOM... Bye!

ME: May I suggest toys to motivate ?
Perhaps afterwards a hike we'll take?
Agnes dear a piece of cheddar ?
Food always makes the training better.

AGNES: This training thing is silly folly...
Perhaps you should try a Border Collie?

ME: But you and I we are a team...

AGNES: Obedience stuff's a human dream!

ME: Enough, you Vizsla. Please desist.
I understand -- I get your gist.
But can't we agree on a thing?
Agility, obedience, or the breed ring ?

AGNES: YES ! The breed ring
might give me a chance ...
to demonstrate my Vizsla Dance

ME: A Vizsla Dance? The stress is back!
No dance in breed rings! That's a fact!

AGNES: It's really just a fancy prance,
That’s done with Vizsla flair…

ME: I've seen the flair you Vizsla have…
Things tossed from here to there!

AGNES: Do you want teamwork?
Yes you do!
And ribbons by the ton?
Do you want smiles on your face
and me to have my fun ?

ME: Yes to all without a doubt, but please no breed ring moves…
I'd rather stick to obedience
then breed ring boogie grooves!

AGNES: My tail does wag, my tongue does lick.
My movement fluid and very quick.
My nose is set to smell and find --
To never leave a bird behind!
On point I do not budge or sway,
Yet all you care about is "stay"!
These words of "heel" "come" “sit” and “down”…
Obedience does make me frown.

ME: Think of the ribbons we could earn …
a Vizsla second to just learn !

AGNES: I see your whining will not cease,
and yes I will concede.
So here's YOUR sit, YOUR down, YOUR stays,
AND here's a heel off lead!

When you say these nonsense words, and wave your hands about…
I promise I'll respond so quick YOU'LL never have to shout.
A promise that will truly stick…
A promise we'll make today…
A promise of precision moves that I always will obey!

ME: A promise, Oh my Vizsla friend
Our troubles now are at an end!
Wait your lips are in that Vizsla grin,
WHY you look like you now have the WIN!

AGNES: A win? A win?
Why surely not, though you must now agree…
that I will do as pointed out with a promise now to me.

ME : Ah, my Vizsla darling, just name what is my part
For I agree to anything, sincere and from my heart.

AGNES : Well, though your tail is very short,
and your nose a bit off center,
though you don't move with Vizsla grace,
I will be your mentor.

ME : A mentor ? Oh, like I for you ?
To teach, to help to grow.
To assist along the way
in obedience and in show ?

AGNES : Why yes like that,
but here’s the thing
our sharing will be in the VIZSLA ring!
The breed ring is where we'll shine,
where we'll win,
we'll be divine!

For you and I , I have your promise,
will give those judges a stir,
when together we gait about with our tails both in a whir!

For I'll instruct the Vizsla art of tail shaking one – oh - one,
of how to move , and how to groove, while wiggling our cute buns!

We'll leap, and trot around the ring to music that we hear,
We'll twist and shout and look so grand while wagging both our rears!

Oh the joy we'll bring to all who watch us strut our VIZSLA stuff,
But you'll need to be like me you know and wiggle in the buff.

Yes, we have reached a special bond.
The best we’ve ever had!
Hey, why are you now phoning that Border Collie ad ?